Photoshop Junk

Ey guys,

Long time since my last post i know, but school as usual is always in my way. You may see something new in terms of customs next month...ill have to see how things are goin though.

Anyways, thought i'd share this with you. I quite like it, and i hope you do too.

Also, i havn't had a chance to learn code either which is why the site looks LAME..... i have a friend who is going to teach me though (maybe :P, fingers crossed) which should be good.




Ey guys

DMC's second series of kickass papertoys known as hoodies are know available! You can get all five designs (including mine :D) right here.

Also you would have noticed thatthe site looks different. I am going to be mucking around with code and stuff for the next few months as well and you will probably see the site change LOTS (if not three or four times a day on some days). So i am sorry if it becomes annoying or difficult, but when it's done with, ill let you guys know. Besides, as of now, it looks kinda weird :P

SO! Enjoy my funky new custom and yeh....



New Skills

Ey guys.

First real post! Hoora! 
Here is what i have been working on for the last few weeks. 

He is a custom of the brilliant DMC's Hoody 2.0. As you can see, my skills are improving and my designs are becoming alot better looking :P

DMC has told me that the first series of these guys will be available by the 1st of June. (7th at the latest) so you'll be able to download the template around that time. (Ill post when it becomes available)

As i mentioned in the first post, these next few months i will be pretty much focusing on customs of other peoples toys. I would like some cool, new, interesting templates to have a shot at! Send me your template or a link to it with your email address and i will email you if i'm going to give it a shot! :)

Ill be making no more than 2-3 customs at any one time but yeh.....get sending!Email me at, and ill get to work ASAP. 



(P.S. please keep in mind i have school. My custom may not appear in your inbox for a little while (2 weeks max hopefully) as i am very busy lately. So yeh. GET SENDING! :)

Starting Out Fresh

Hey guys.

I've been absent from the papertoy scene for a while now but i just want to let you guys i'll be back very soon! I'm redoing my site, exoerimenting with new programs and making customs, customs, CUSTOMS!

My main focus in for the next 6-8 months will be getting my design skills up. i'm going to be experimenting with illustrator, making more detailed images and customs as well as releasing some older models that never came out. (Plus a new model or two)

I'm really looking forward to getting back to posting my stuff and not just empty promises! This time theres going to be some REAL content happening.